Why should you hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer?


     Smartphones and pocket cameras have been developed over the years to do a really nice job of creating snapshots.  That said, neither smartphones nor pocket cameras were developed to be credible alternatives to professional photographic equipment.  Professional Real Estate Photographers have made the necessary investment in serious photographic equipment and in the specific training that is needed to use that equipment to your advantage.  They have spent countless hours in learning to create and process the images that will accurately and attractively represent the properties that you as Developers, Realtors® and Agents bring to the marketplace.  Professional Real Estate Photographers have developed the skills necessary to create images of the properties that you list that demonstrate the inherent beauty of a property and invite a prospective buyer to contact you for an appointment to visit and view the property.

     Carefully-created photographs will get the positive attention of an on-line buyer, much as poorly made images will induce a prospective buyer to move on to another listed property (and perhaps to another Realtor®, Agent or Developer).  The average on-line buyer makes a suitability determination regarding any property in under 20 seconds, so it is in your best interest as a Realtor®, Agent or Developer to enhance your listings with photographs of those properties that capture the attention and interest of potential buyers.

     A skilled Professional Real Estate Photographer can coach you and your client through preparing a home for quick, efficient sale.  Properties that have been photographed well attract more potential buyers to call you to see them.  They also sell more quickly than properties that have not been well-photographed.  Faster sales mean greater profitability for you and your agency as a selling Realtor® or Agent.  Take advantage of the skills of a Professional Real Estate Photographer to increase your sales and profitability, and to build your brand!  Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer says to your clients that you care enough to provide the very best services to move their properties efficiently and effectively.



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