SparkWerx Images, LLC, uses advanced digital photographic techniques to promote your home to its best advantage to potential buyers.  Multiple images are shot using a high-end professional digital camera and top-quality lenses in all living areas to showcase those spaces from various angles and views.  We utilize gently-applied High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography as appropriate to create more vibrant, yet credible, images.  We also use proven lighting techniques to enhance your home’s best features.  We use proven digital techniques to adjust images to promote the best possible and most realistic view of the properties.  Images are processed and proofs are made available electronically to the Realtor/Agent within 24 hours of the shoot.

      Twilight exterior images can often improve a home’s initial appeal and enhance its architectural features.  The photographer will evaluate the home’s suitability for twilight exterior images and will advise the Realtor/Agent at the time of the initial visit.  Please be aware that some homes are not suited to twilight exterior photography due to the siting of the home on the plot and visual obstructions.  Due to the additional time required, the need for appropriate ambient atmospheric conditions, travel and processing, these images carry an additional fee.

     Aerial photography can be used to provide potential buyers with better images of the overall property and surroundings.  SparkWerx Images, LLC, is certificated by the FAA as a Small Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot and can provide still images using our drone.  Drone flights are necessarily limited by property location, ambient weather and atmospheric conditions, and are always subject to FAA regulations and flight restrictions.  The photographer will verify and advise whether drone flights are possible for your home based on your property’s address and FAA regulations.  Please be aware that drone flights are prohibited within a 15-mile radius of Reagan National Airport and restricted within a 5-mile radius of Dulles International Airport for national security and flight security reasons.  SparkWerx Images, LLC, adheres strictly to all FAA rules, regulations, flight restrictions and security constraints, and to common-sense flight safety guidelines at all times.



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